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Antique Gold Designer Long Necklace Set

  • This Gold Antique Designer Long Set Is So Royal Look
  • A Royal Long Necklace Designer Piece That Will Be The Most Trendy Of Your Collection
  • It Is Crafted With Precious Kundan To Give It A Royal Look
  • This Beautiful Crafted Antique Gold Necklace Has Been Crafted With Precious Kundan That Give You a Royal Look
Antique Designer Gold Long Set

  • This Royal Yet Glamorous Gold Moti Mala Indicates The Effort Of Indian Tradition With Kundan
  • Suit With Any Traditional Wear To Magnify Your Beautiful
  • Team This Gold Moti With A Jumpsuit By Doing Light Makeup To Amplify Your Interesting Personality
  • Don’t Want It To Be Bright & Shiny
  • A Statement Antique Moti Mala Long Necklace With An Royal Design
Antique Pearl Designer Gold Long Necklace

  • Beautiful Gold Moti Layer Intricate Stud  Long Necklace To Make Her Look Pretty
  • Pearl Jewels As In Itself Gives A Unique Look & On Top Of It Is Designed By A Designer 
  • Once You Wear Moti Layer Embellished Antique Gold Long Necklace, Create A Smooth Flow Of Ideas As Aquarius 
  • Royal Masterpiece Has Always Been A Stunning Piece Of Pearl Art 
Wedding Gold Long Haram Set Antique

  • A Contemporary Layered Antique Long Haram Design It's Best
  • Adorn This Long Haram Which Not Only Brings Royalness Also Makes The Lady Feel Like A Queen
  •  Layered Haram Takes Wedding Jewellery For Brides To Whole Traditional Level 
  • When Combined With Kundan Place Settings & Finer Elements Like Jadtar
  • Royal Gold Antique Logn Necklace With Precious Stones
Antique Gold Long Necklace Set For Wedding

  • Being Many More Expensive & Precious Jadtar, Polki Necklace Antique Sets With
  • The Intricately Detailed Kundan Long Necklace Has The Wonderful Potential Of Transforming You Into A Royal Princess
  • Adorn This Antique Long Necklace Set Which Is No Less Than A Maharani
  • This Necklace Takes Bridal Long Necklace For Dulhan To Whole Royal Level
Gold Antique Long Necklace Set Design For Bridal

  • Kundan Long Necklace Set Is The Regal Form Which Skilfully Combines Big Uncut Precious Stones
  • A Royal Decorated Gold Kundan Long Necklace With Sparkle Meenakari Work 
  • Go For The Original Real Polki Jewellery & Long Set In Antique
  • Designed This Meenakari Worked Decorative Patterned Grand Gold Long Necklace
Antique Long Necklace For Bridal With Earring

  • A Beautiful Gold Long necklace Set In Antique Finish
  • This Bridal Necklace Has A Gorgeous Antique Finish 
  • Beautifully Makes Tt So Eye-Catchy That Every Woman 
  • Matte Finish & Muted Yellow Tone Of Bridal Necklace Is A Complete Winner
  • Every Woman Has The Charm & Praise Like Diamond Necklace
  • Base Metal of The Jewellery Is Yellow Gold
Gold Antique Long Necklace Set Design For Wedding

  • When Combined With Finer Gold Elements Like Kundan & Polki
  • As They Are Many More Expensive & Precious Jadtar, Polki Long Necklace Sets
  • If You Want To Be A Princess, The Royal Antique Long Necklaces Have The Beautiful Potential Of Transforming
  • It's Gorgeous With An Antique Design That Gives A Pretty Royal Look
Antique Gold Polki Long Necklace Set For Bridal

  • This Gold Antique Polki Long Is So Beautiful
  • All The Stones Are Yellowish, Muted Yellow So It Looks Classy & Vintage
  • It Is Crafted With Precious Polki To Give It A Royal Look
  • This Is A Beautiful Gold Long Necklace That Is Both Royal & Traditional
Bridal Antique Gold Long Necklace Set

  • It's Much More Affordable & Doesn't Use Enamel To Coat The Precious Stones
  • Kundan & Polki Jewelry Set Is Made By The Finest Gujarati Craftsmen
  • Make Your Wedding Day Look Like The True Royalty It Is When You Wear This Beautiful, Heavy Antique Long Necklace Set
  • A Statement Antique Necklace Set That Is Some Bridal Jewellery Goals
Wedding Antique Jadau Gold Long Necklace Set

  • As They Are Many More Expensive & Precious Jadtar, Kundan Long Necklace Sets
  • Studded With Small Kundan To Give It A Classy Look
  • You'll Love Wearing This Piece Of India's Antique Jewellery Set On Wedding Day
  • We Have Recently Added Many New Antique Long Necklace  To Choose From
Bridal Antique Kundan Gold Long Jewellery Set For Women

  • A Beautiful Antique Gold Bridal Necklace Set That’s One Of A Kind!
  • Feel The Intense Emotions Of Falling In Love With The Karigari Of This Gold Long Necklace
  • It's Crafted With Precious Kundan
  • As They Are Many More Expensive & Precious Kundan, Polki Long Necklace Sets

Antique Gold Long Necklace

Nandish has the best items and has stayed number 1 in the collection of necklaces. Antique gold long necklace design is worth more than the sum of its parts because each piece is unique and it cannot be duplicated using modern production methods. Generally speaking, antique and vintage jewellery costs less than trending jewellery sets, and yet it's worth more!

The antique gold long necklace set is often imitated but rarely duplicated. It's hard to find the exact or same antique long necklace design because each antique jewellery has its own specification. Even in high-end bespoke modern pieces, it’s nearly impossible to find the same level of quality and workmanship as we commonly see in antique and vintage jewellery. Because of the appeal of antique and vintage gold items, phrases like 'antique' and 'vintage' are tossed around freely. These phrases frequently relate to something that has worth due to its age. There are technical phrases used in the jewellery industry to assist determine when a piece of jewellery was manufactured rather than when that particular style was fashionable.

Nandish has the best assembly of wedding bridal long necklaces. The gold antique long set makes any bride feel like an eminence. You can buy these necklaces online from as it makes it easier for you to select any antique gold long necklace design and get it at your doorstep. So hurry up to grab the best that fits you and make your personality more attractive for your big day. 

Nandish Jewellers is truly the luxury jewellery destination for all women who appreciate the finest things in life. They provide you with the ultimate full-service experience from start to finish. They also provide you with some of the most exquisite custom designs for that perfect piece of fine jewellery making them an exclusive brand compared to any other jewellery store.


Jadau Gold Jewellery Set

A form of jewellery known to be introduced to the Indian culture by the Mughals and from thereon, it was taken over by the Rajasthani craftsmen. From then to now gold antique Jadau necklace set has earned a special place in the hearts of every Indian jewellery sets lover simply for its royal beauty and intricate craftsmanship.

Apart from being a bride’s best friend, Jadau long jewellery set is also a legacy that is passed on from one generation to the next. And what makes this jadau bridal long sets so unique from the rest is the technique of embedding uncut diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and rubies into gold. Hence, Jadau long rani haar is known to adorn the beauty of a bride on wedding day.


Kundan Long Necklace Set

Kundan gold long necklace set design is a traditional form of Indian gemstone and kundan rani haar involving a gem set with a gold foil between the stones and its mount, usually for elaborate neckpiece. The method is believed to have originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kundan gold long set is one of the older forms of jewellery made and worn in India.


Polki Gold Long Necklace Set

Polki gold long necklace set design gives off a much softer sparkle hence the brilliance is more subtle as compared to Kundan which is highly polished glass hence reflects light brightly. We are having maximum items in polki jewellery set compared to any other brand. We have variety of necklaces in polki designs which is suitable to your needs.


FAQ (Frequetly Asked Questions)

Where the best collection of antique jewellery is available ?

Nandish Jewellers is your one-stop store for genuine gold and silver jewellery. Each item of jewellery has the most latest collection. is a website that sells a broad variety of jewellery.


Does long antique gold jewellery available in India ?

In India, you can get an antique gold necklace. And for a wide range of gold jewellery, visit, where you'll find an enormous selection of neckwear, bangles, earrings, couple rings, and much more.


Where antique gold jewellery is worn ?

Antique gold jewellery is well-known all over the world. Women choose to wear it on occasion since it gives off a retro atmosphere, and most women prefer to wear it on their own wedding day.

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