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Antique Gold Necklace Set Best Design For Bridal

  • An All-Gold Bridal Necklace Set That’s Making The Bride’s Look Traditional
  • Antique Gold Necklace Paired With Another Necklace Studded With Kundan
  • One Of The Best Artists Of Karigari Is Gold Antique Network 
  • Kundan Jewellery Set Is The Regal Form Which Skilfully Combines Big Uncut Precious Stones Together
  • Antique Feel The Insane Emotion To Fell In Love
Antique Jadtar Kundan Gold Necklace Set Design For Wedding

  • All Aspire To Ware Some Light Weight Antique Necklace Set
  • These Jadtar Studs Will Glorify Vision With An Incredible Look
  • Matte Finish & Muted Yellow Tone Of Wedding Necklace Set Is A Complete Royal
  • A Beautiful Gold Antique Necklace Set In Antique Finish
  • A Antique Designer Necklace Set That’s Wow-So-Royal

Antique Gold Necklace

Gold has a long and illustrious history, having been prized by Kings and Queens for thousands of years. Gold is undoubtedly the most decorative element worn across the world. To give antique jewellery a traditional aspect, it is frequently adorned with precious and semi-precious jewels.

Nandish Jewellers provides the greatest collection of bridal necklaces for weddings. The antique gold set would make every bride feel like a princess. The art of Antique necklace set collection with the presence of diamonds makes the whole look incredible. Kundan ,the encasement of setting stones in set is one of the oldest forms of jewellery in India. Polki, the uncut, unfinished diamonds which are in natural form. It is used in the end of the surface. Jadtar, create a secure setting between different kinds of diamonds seamlessly handcrafted by our karigiri work.


Gold Kundan Set

Kundan jewellery is a type of Indian traditional jewellery. It's made out of jewels with gold foil placed between the stone and the jewelry's mount. To glam up your look, we have several statement antique Kundan ka haar in various unique cuts and forms.

Kundan necklace is a type of gold jewellery that generally has a wax core. Kundan Rani Haar are more likely to have a premium price since they are made of 24k gold and are highly polished, making them incredibly glossy. While you may believe that something is valuable just because it contains 24k gold, this is not necessarily the case. Because the design emphasises the stones rather than the metal, the real gold content is relatively modest. While Kundan sets may cost more than contemporary neckpieces, sone ka haar, any Kundan jewellery is well worth the investment. We find the ideal piece for your event and personalise it for you.


Polki Gold Necklace

In comparison to Kundan, which is highly polished glass and hence reflects light vividly, Polki gold necklace set puts off a much softer glitter and thus the brightness is more subtle. In comparison to any other brand, we have the most polki jewellery items. We have a wide selection of polki set design that will meet your demands.

Check out our online store's polki necklace assortment for the greatest in one-of-a-kind or custom-made items. Polki is essentially uncut diamonds in their natural state. It's manufactured by utilizing gold foils and lac to embed uncut diamonds in gold jewellery. Unlike other diamonds, Polki is not subjected to chemical treatments. It has a rustic appearance because to the lack of clarity in the colour. As a result, polki is far more expensive than kundan and is regarded as a more treasured inheritance.


Antique Gold Necklace Online Shopping

These necklaces may be purchased online from, which allows you to choose from a variety of simple antique gold necklace designs and have them delivered to your home. So hurry up and choose the greatest one that fits you and enhances your individuality for your special day. Nandish Jewellers is the premier luxury jewellery store for women who value the finer things in life. From start to finish, they give you with the ultimate full-service experience. They also provide some of the most exquisite bespoke designs for that ideal piece of fine traditional antique jewellery, making them a one-of-a-kind company when compared to other jewellery stores.


Gold Jadau Necklace

If you have a big fat Indian wedding coming your way and gold jadau necklace or jadau polki jewellery set is on your mind, then is your destination. Because they know that jewellery is far more than just some bling, and signifies a deeper bond, a relationship, a love that is timeless. They also provide some of the most exquisite bespoke designs for that ideal piece of fine jewelry, making them a one-of-a-kind company when compared to other jewellery stores.

If you’ve been under the impression that jadau necklace set is primarily for your traditional events, think again. Whether you wear the entire set with your ethnic wardrobe or choose to just pair the ring and earrings with your pant suits or dresses, it will instantly enhance your ensemble. We love how jadau shine making it perfect for either a wedding ceremony or your red carpet moment!


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Does modern bride choose Antique gold necklace on her wedding?

Definitely, if bride loves delicate and antique designs then can go with antique haar, Antique short necklace for wedding. Antique necklaces are always in style and will continue to be so in the future. The vibes radiating from this gold haar are antique.


Is Antique Neckace lightweight?

Precious metals, diamonds, emerald pearls, and other semi-precious and colourful beads are used to create this traditional jewellery. To summarise, antique jewellery appears to be heavy, but it is actually light in comparison to other bridal necklaces.


Does antique jewellery expensive?

Because of the outstanding craftsmanship, the designs appear to be incredibly rich, and each item is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. Antique jewellery is also created by an expert designer after extensive research for kundan settlement. Finally, an unique and premium oxidation powder is used to give the gold neckpieces a dull finish which worth more.

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