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Wedding Antique Jadau Gold Long Necklace Set Design For Women

  • Ware This Long Necklace Set That Not Only Brings Royalty But Also Makes The Lady Feel Like A Queen
  • A Matte Gold Antique Long Necklace Set That Is One-Of-A-Kind
  • When Combined With Polki & Finer Gold Elements Like Jadau
  • Giving A Distinct Feel To The Antique Charm Of The Jadau Long Necklace Set
Jadtar Long Necklace For Women

  • Heavy Pendant Long Necklace Designs That Look Totally Gorgeous
  • A Statement Long  Antique Necklace That Is Some Major Bridal Jewellery Goals
  • Kundan Enriched Gold Long Necklace Glance Partner Glorifies Your Beauty
  • This Smiling Daisy Stud Long Necklace Beautify With Jadtar &  Antique Effect
  • A Beautiful Gold Jewellery Long Set In Antique Finish
Gold Antique Jadau Long Necklace Set For Bridal

  • You May Spot Several Brides Flaunting These Jadau Long Set Styles On Istagram
  • A Contemporary Gold Long Necklace Design, It's Best
  • You'll Love Wearing This Piece Of India's Antique Jewellery On Wedding Day
  • Being Many More Expensive & Precious Jadau Necklace Antique Sets With
Bridal Antique Gold Long Haram Set

  • A Statement Antique Haram Set That Will Help You Look More Royal On Your Wedding Day.
  • This Antique Style Long Haram Is The Perfect Wedding Jewelry
  • Kundan Haram Set Is Made By The Finest Gujarati Craftsmen
  • You May Spot Several Brides Flaunting These Kundan Set Styles On Istagram
Antique Gold Kundan Long Necklace Set For Wedding

  • We Have Recently Added Many New Antique Long Set To Choose From
  • When Combined With Finer Gold Elements Like Kundan & Jadtar
  • A Royal Long Necklace Set Piece That Will Be The Most Trendy Of Your Collection
  • This Antique Long Necklace Set Is Made of Gold And Is Embellished With Kundan
Antique Gold Polki Long Necklace Set Design

  • The Design Is Composed Of Gold Which Reflects Antique Indian Designs With Kundan & Polki
  • Antique Polki Sets Are Ideal For Any Bride 
  • It Also Comes With Matching Bridal Gold Jewellery Set That Can Be Customized To Fit Your Style And Mood For The Day
  • It's Gorgeous With An Antique Design That Gives A Pretty Royal Look
Wedding Antique Gold Long Necklace Set Design For Bridal

  •  Heavyweight, Gold Antique Long Pendant Necklace Looks Like A Complete Royal
  • This Is One Of The Best Jadtar & Kundan Long Antique Necklace Set For Bridal
  • You Feel Royal Our Exclusive Heavyweight Long Jewellery Set
  • Check This Real Jadtar & Kundan Long Necklace Set For Some Serious Inspiration
Gold Fancy Long Necklace Set For Wedding

  • Latest Karigari Of This Beautiful Pearly Gold Long Necklace Set
  • A Pendant Designer Necklace That’s Wow-So-Fancy 
  • A Matching Bridal Fancy Long Set In Gold & Colourful Diamond
  • Heavy Pendant Fancy Necklace Designs That Look Totally Fancy
Gold Fancy Long Necklace Set For Women


  • While This Women Long Necklace Gives A Fancy Look
  • A Statement Fancy Gold Necklace Set With An Latest Design
  • Shine & Muted Yellow Tone Of Women Long Necklace Is A Complete Fancy
  • This Latest Design Gold Diamond Stud Long Necklace Set 
Gold Designer Fancy Long Necklace For Bridal

  • Long Gold Necklace Takes Bridal Jewellery For Wedding To Whole New Designer Level 
  • Beautiful Gold Diamond & Pearl Intricate Stud Necklace To Make Her Look Stunning
  • While This Latest Bridal Long Necklace Gives a Heavy Fancy Look
  • This Fancy Diamond & Pearl Studs Will Glorify Vision With An Fancy Statement
Rajwadi Gold Long Necklace Set For Bridal

  • The Craftsmanship Of Our Master Karigars Is Best For Rajwadi Gold Long Haar
  • Heavy Gold Pendant Necklace Designs That Look Totally Luxury
  • You'll Love Adorning This Piece Of India's Luxury Gold Long Necklace On Wedding Day
  • Studded With Big Stone To Give It A Royal Look
Traditional Gold Long Necklace For Bridal

  • Intricate Gold Long Necklace With Double - Layered Long Necklace
  • It's Traditional With Best Design That Gives A  Traditional Look
  • Studded With Small Colorful Diamond To Give It A Royal Look
  • Traditional Design For Bridal On Wedding Day

Gold Long Necklace

These sets are mostly worn on occasions and heavy which grabs attention from everyone. Yellow gold has always been the center of attraction. The right choice of long necklace design and length of long haar have the competence to make you look majestic. Studded with small gemstones looks more amplified. We focus on the smallest details which is always been the eye-catcher necklace for the wedding collection. The gold long necklace takes the wedding jewellery sets game to the next level. We offer a huge collection of Antique Gold Long Necklace in addition to gold necklace. The purity of the gold necklace with earrings is 22K (916) which is the premium quality in the market.


Bridal Gold Long Necklace

A bridal real gold necklace has to be perfect. Nandish Jewellers, an Online jewelery store have a variety of Gold necklace sets for the wedding. The variety includes Kalkati long necklace, Antique gold long necklace, Fancy long necklace, and so on. For modern brides, we provide trendy and stylish Fancy Gold Long Necklace. It gives traditional, vintage, and rajwadi vibes with the essence of trend along with it. Dulhan prefers a virtual experience which saves lots of time for the research of designs and does smart online shopping of gale ka haar.


Gold Long Haram

Conventionally a haram is made of gold with different pendants that are typically named after the workmanship. Such as Antique Haram, Temple haram or a plain haram. Haram models with the traditional design are still very popular amongst all age groups. The haram masterpiece is created by using dull polish to create an antique look. So get long haram online shopping with newly launched designs, and make your occasion brighter with Nandish jewellers' long haram gold necklace designs.


Long Necklace For Wedding

Weddings are one of the most ancient traditions in the world, celebrated by people all over the map and through time. Jewellery set represents a vital part of the bridal look; it completes the overall look of the bride and accentuates her on her special day. If you are a bride-to-be or preparing to tie the knot with the love of your life, Nandish jewellers is here with collection of wedding gold long necklace designs that will make you look stunning and ethereal on your big day. Our Antique Layer Necklace is available in a variety of styles that are sure to impress. Our bridal long necklace sets are crafted to become your personal favourite on your wedding day and forever after.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the average size of necklaces?

Generally, the starting average size is 8 to 15 inches long. The length of the long necklace can be decided according to the neckline of the outfit. It can be customized according to her choice. Price and weight depend upon the length. The latest gold long necklace design has many varieties which help to choose faster with more options.


Can it be worn on wedding occasions?

If you are fond of gold jewellery set, then investing in a gold long necklace would be valuable as it serves every attire. Pairing with earrings and Gold Bangles will complete your lookbook. Females nowadays choose to have jewellery that suits most outfits and is a savior in the wedding season.


How to choose an ideal gold long necklace set?

Depending upon the look you want to carry a long necklace can be chosen. If you are someone who likes to dress royal or traditional then you can go for antique long haar. If someone is likely to wear broad and heavy-looking designs then can choose an designer long necklace. If you are fond of different kinds of enamels and fancy design necklaces then you can go for kalkati long necklaces. If you carry a simple yet unique look then go for a fancy long necklace. Also, a plain moti mala can be added to the outfit. There are affordable necklaces in our collection which are best in budget  gold long set.


Do brides prefer long necklaces set at the wedding?

Every woman has a different opinion for her big day. Long gale ka haar are preferred by the bride and bride mom too. Dulhan chooses her necklace by keeping in mind her outfit and the long neckpiece design. Some also prefer wearing a Gold choker necklace. Mainly the handcrafted designs always hit the list. Our online gold shopping site makes it easier and flexible for the modern public jewellery store to shop. We believe in lifelong relationships with customers.


Which long necklace can be paired up with every outfit? 

Options are highly available with elegant designs. You can choose any from the above best latest gold long necklace set and pair it up with earrings and bangles. Keeping in mind that what kind of outfit and personality you prefer to carry is the key to choosing any gold necklace whether it's a long necklace, short necklace, or designernecklace.

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