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Antique Gold Triple Layer Moti Necklace Set

  • Moti & Kundan Long Set Holds Immense Value As Polki Are Considered As Symbol Of Love & Memories
  • Antique Designed This Multi Layer Necklace Enhanced With Moti & Kundan
  •  Layer Necklace Takes Wedding Jewellery For Brides To Whole New Level 
Gold Antique Layer Necklace Set

  • Uncut Beads & Jadtar That Will Make A Knot Of Emotion, Love & Trust 
  • Antique Layer Necklace Is Beautifully Designed & Gives A Unique Look To The Wearer 
  • This Gold Beads Layer Antique Necklace Set With Jadtar &  Polki
  • Intricate Antique Gold Layer Necklace Set With Multi-Layered
Antique Kundan Multi Layer Long Necklace Set

  • Dignified & Sparkle Regal  Kundan With Emerald Bead Drop That Looks As Royal As Graceful
  • Now We Present Some Fantastic Designs Of Kundan Multi Layer Necklace Set
  • Antique Multi Layer Necklace Enhanced With Beads & Kundan Which Is As Precious As Glamorous 
Gold Antique Multi Layer Necklace Set

  • Antique Multi Layer Necklace With Gold Beads & Kundan Enhancement That Beautify Your Wedding
  • Gold Beads Multi Layer Long Necklace With Kundan Colored  Portrays The Art Of Flower 
  • Intricate Gold Antique Long Necklace With Multi-Layered Necklace Set
  • This Wedding Season Wears Antique Gold Beads Layer Long Necklace Set  
Gold Antique Triple Layer Necklace Set For Bridal

  • Gold Beads Triple Layered Necklace With Kundan Work
  • A Kundan Bridal Triple Layer Necklace Always Wants To Look Unique & Traditional On Her Wedding Day
  • A Triple Antique Layer Necklace With Gold Beads & Meenakari Work
  • Antique Enriched Gold Beads Layer Necklace Just Made For Flaunting The Bridal Ware
Antique Triple Layer Gold Necklace Set For Bridal

  • Antique Gold Beads Layered Necklace With Designer Piece
  • Antique Gold Bead Layer Necklace Totally Giving This Bride Some Traditional Look
  • Uncut Beads & Kundann That Will Make A Knot Of Emotion, Love & Trust 
  • Intricate Antique Gold Layer Necklace With Three-Layered Long Necklace


Antique Gold Multi Layer Long Necklace Set For Bridal

  • Dignified & Sparkle Regal Gold Bead Multi Layer That Looks As Royal As Traditional
  • Uncut Beads Antique Layer Necklace That Will Make A Knot Of Emotion, Love & Trust 
  • This Glamorously Crafted Gold Multi Layer Necklace Has Crafted With Significant Kundan That Give You Royal Look
  • Antique Multi Layer Designed This Long Necklace Enhanced With Beads & Kundan 
Antique Triple Layer Gold Necklace Set For Women

  • Being Much More Expensive & Precious Kundan, Beads Sets Are Set Apart By Their Subtle Brilliance
  • Beads Antique Layer Necklace As In Itself Gives A Traditional Look
  • Intricate Gold Antique Layer Necklace With Triple-Layer Bead Long Necklace
  • When Combined With Kundan Place Settings & Finer Elements Like Gold Beads
Antique Gold Bead Multi Layer Long Necklace Set For Wedding

  •  Beads Gold Multi Layer Necklaces Ideal For The Bride Who Likes To Keep 
  • Classy Bride Looking Royal & Rich, Variants Of Gold Beads Multi Layer For Your Ultimate Day Of The Wedding
  • Now We Present Some Antique Multi Layered Necklace Designs Of Antique Long Necklace
  • As Kundan Is Also Made From Gold It’s A Antique Combination You Can Opt For It
Gold Antique Kundan Triple Layer Necklace Set


  • While This Bridal Adorn Triple Layer Necklace Set Gives a Unique Look
  • A Kundan Bridal Antique Layer Necklace Always Wants To Look Royal & Traditional
  • Making You Look No Less Than A Maharani On Your Special Day
  • The Beauty Of This Antique Layer Gold Bridal Long Necklace Is Just Wow
Antique Gold Designer Layer Necklace Set

  • Modern Bride Looking Vintage & Traditional Variants Of Gold Beads Layer For Your Best Day Of The Wedding
  • Antique Gold Beads Triple Layered Worked Decorative Piece For Bridal 
  • Antique Kundan Layer Necklace Itself Looks Royal On Top It Kundan Art Has Been Crafted 
  • A Gold Beads Layer Necklace Totally Giving This Bridal Look Rajwadi
Antique Kundan Layer Long Necklace Set

  • A Antique Decorated Gold Beads Layer Necklace Set With Beautiful Kundan & Meenakari Work 
  • Designed This Meenakari Worked Decorative Piece Of Antique Kundan Layer Necklace
  • Meenakari Studs Portrays Minimal Art Which Signifies A Real Beauty
  • Adorn This Antique Layer Necklace Which Not Only Brings Traditional Also Makes The Lady Feel Like A Queen

Gold Layer Necklace

A bead necklace set is essential in your jewellery box which is enduring and elegant. It can be paired with earrings. The classic, simple yet unique designs have our whole heart poured and might not disappoint you with our good to go designs. Moti mala which is lightweight as well as heavyweight single, tow, three and multi-layered can be also categorized in casual wear jewellery. Most female chooses this kind of jewelry which creates a fashion statement for them.

"Drawing on the rich tradition of Indian jewels" is what Mr.Nandish founder and owner of Nandish jewellers sees ornaments as an enhancement of the beauty of style, an art that transcends all boundaries of time, and an opportunity to make a statement amongst men and women both. And it's these principles and values that make them a popular layered gold mala necklace name among a range of clients. 

Nandish Jewellers is the premier luxury jewellery store for women who value the finer things in life. From start to finish, they give you the ultimate full-service experience. It is crucial for women since it may make them feel beautiful, trendy, unique, and self-assured. It ultimately contributes to a woman's self-esteem, which is why it is so important to so many women.


Antique Layer Necklace

Nandish provides the greatest collection for weddings. The antique gold lengthy set would make every bride feel like a princess. These Nandish antique layered necklaces may be purchased online from, which allows you to choose from a variety of antique multi-layered neckpieces, Kundan layer necklaces, and have them delivered to your home. So hurry up and choose the greatest one that fits you and enhances your individuality for your special day.
Necklaces transmit money, power, association, status, levels of resources and talent, and components of identity and place as valuable material culture.


Three Layer Necklace

3 Three Layered gold necklaces are triple layer multi-layer chains that are worn together. These triple-layer necklaces are frequently connected by a single clip. They may, however, be purchased as separate necklaces or as a pair. Layering mala gold necklaces is a lovely technique to attain relaxed elegance.
Splendid, exquisite, magnificent, luxurious, queenly, divine –Perfect diction when you're selling wedding jewelry or pieces made with very fine materials, directing your customer's attention to the quality you've put into every step.


Bead Gold Necklace

Beads Jewellery is made by attaching beads one by one and sewing them onto a thin metal. Gold beads double layer necklace jewellery necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are just a few of the types offered in this category of jewellery.
With its bright colours, handcrafted craftsmanship that makes every of unique, and capability to bring dashes of laid-back delight to any outfit, beaded necklaces have re-captured our attention.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Are Layered Necklaces Trendy ?
Layered jewellery is also a prominent trend in accessories. Wearing different sizes and shapes together to create your look is a popular trend right now. Adding layers creates a perfect personalized jewellery piece.


What Is A Multi-Layered Necklace ?
Multiple chains worn together are called multiple layered necklaces. A layered necklace gives a statement and looks more effortless, just pick the right size according to the outfit.


What is the length is the layered necklace?
Generally, the average length of 1 layered necklace is around 16 to 20” for 2-layered necklaces it goes from 18 to 24”, and for 3-layered necklaces, it goes around 20 to 26”. Always consider the length of your layering pieces concerning your neckline and outfit. Nandish Jewellers also offers customizable options based on weight, design, and length.

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